CPD Training on Communicating with Colleagues Course Now Available

Are you ready to bring Mindfulness to your School? Finally how to leapfrog time consuming, expensive ‘expert’ training and roll out your own school mindfulness programme

The programme will be available late 2021 but you can get a head-start now. By planning ahead, you'll be in the perfect position to move towards a confident roll out.

Get '7 steps to Introducing Mindfulness to your School' and start the ball rolling.

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You are expert enough to start now

You are expert enough to start now! You don't need any pre-training or lead in time.  You'll soon uncover the expertise you already have, be ready to share your new ideas and get your colleagues on-board

Use my 6 'Honest Serving Men' Strategy

Using Kipling's 7 step framework of Who, What, When, Where, When and How and you'll cover all the first steps of planning to drill down into these all-important questions. Step by step worksheets help you record your thoughts 

Start planning your strategy

Drill down into your community's challenges and discover why Mindfulness is the natural solution. Start thinking about who can help you bring this to your school before the course launch Spring 2021

Sign up to the 2021 Waitlist and get your 30pp '7 Steps to Introducing Mindfulness to your School' workbook


Join the 2021 Waitlist and get your 30pp 7-Step Workbook