The earlier in the year you use these techniques, the better prepared you will be for your forthcoming exams

Mindfulness for Exams 
Thought Leaders Workshop for Teachers

One Day 'Thought Leader' Exam workshop for Teachers to help you develop your school's approach to Exams


Book me to work with your Teachers to draft your school's Mindfulness for Exams Plan


Thought leaders inspire, guide, inform and suggest strategies for change

The focus of this workshop is based on Thinking, Mindfulness Techniques and Teamwork to help you help your students to show themselves in the best possible light at exam time. And that needs a shift in thinking, that you, as a Thought Leader will share with them.

The focus of the day will be on creating 2 school strategies

1. School Exam Mindset Plan

You'll use my 7 step plan to  begin to draft  your Mindfulness based school strategy 

2. School Study Skills Course

You'll also consider content for a separate Study Skills Course based on the Thinking and Learning topics we cover 

If your students are to change their current Exam Mindset, you'll want to show them:

  • How their thinking gets triggered and 'set’
  • Why they should choose to change how they think about exams 
  • What options they have in doing that
  • How you will help them to move towards a more mindful way of responding 

The day will include

  • Understanding The Exam Mindset Framework
  • Thinking Skills
  • Practical Mindful practices
  • Suggestions on how to build these into your school day
  • Exercises for specific situations – i.e. panic attacks
  • Break out sessions to start work on your plan/s

You all deserve to have the best results for all your hard work

Book a call to talk through ideas for your workshop and let's work on your strategy to help your students still their minds, calm their fears and feel prepared to walk into the exam room and shine

My Promise to You

  • I’ll show you how to ‘do’ the exercises to build your confidence
  • We’ll work on how to build out the ideas before you share them with your students
  • Together, we will go through what would work for your school
  • And you will leave with a head-start on an Exam Mindset and Study Skills Course plan to continue after the workshop

My Intention is to guide you through your own Exam Mindset plan that you'll then share with your students.

Your Plan will cover the What, Why, When, How, Where and Who of sharing Mindfulness with your Exam Students. Once you have an outline for your plan you can start to run some Mindful sessions

Maybe you’ve tried things before but they haven’t worked. Or The students weren’t ready. Or you feel unsure what to do.

What you do know, is that Subject Skills alone won’t get your anxious students into that Exam Room.

Something has to change before exams come around again. No matter how much they've studied, if their panic kicks in when it counts, it's all been wasted.

And the clock is ticking down.

I've been using Mindfulness at an HMP Prison for the past 3 years.

My Mindfulness Workbook is available to prisoners as part of our in-cell Education provision and is considered an example of 'best practice.'  This Autumn the workbook is being trialled as part of a new Digital Laptop Initiative for HMP Prisons. My 6 x Meditation recordings are currently available to over 55,000 prisoners in 73 prisons.

For the past few years I've been delivering Presentations at The Exams Office and The National Association of Exam Officers Summer Conferences.  They've all been well received.

Before The Pandemic,  I delivered JCQ training to schools on how to apply exemplary standards of Exam Administration. For the past 7 years I've been a Serving Exam Officer at an HMP Establishment.

Jugjit Chima

"I encourage people to get more involved"

"I thought it was a really interesting session, the delivery was very interesting. "

Kerry Tweddle
Austin Friars School

"Found it really easy to follow and understand. Loved your style of delivery. Could have listened to you all day "

Laura West
Biddulph High

Schedule a call so we can talk through what your students need

The countdown has started to Summer Exams

Give your students the time they need to put their Personal Reaction Plan into action. That way, the exercises and techniques THEY choose to use, will help them manage their thinking, stay in control and enable them to walk calmly into the exam room.


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