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For the past 10 years I've been working as Exams officer at HMP Norwich. 

It's a place in which I do more than survive - I thrive. I understand about handling stress.

I know how tough it is to keep your head when all about is losing theirs. Especially when all we know is changing about us.

In 2018 I made 6 ‘Mindscape’ meditation recordings for our Prison TV Education Service WayOut TV . Little did we know then how valuable they would become.

Before Covid, they were being streamed to 25,000 prisoners across the country. It’s many more now.

In June, I was  asked to write a Mindfulness in-cell pack to help reduce the risk of rising self-harm amongst our prison population.More subjects are in the pipeline.

Prison is a place where Mindfulness is starting to have a huge impact.  If it can help here, it can help you, in your own community.

For the past few years I've been delivering Mindfulness presentations at Education Conferences and running workshops on Exam Stress in schools around the UK.

We’re all hearing how our Mental Health has been impacted by the present world pandemic. Our young people have had to re-think their future; their best laid plans left in others’ hands. For many, the world, as they know it, is no longer secure.  

It has been a time of great un-rest and dis-ease for many. It’s a place where Mindfulness , meets Mental Health and Well Being.

My experience of working in prison and school education has influenced my outlook and my purpose. I’ve spent the last few months developing courses that you can bring to your school environment, to help you help your young people regain their confidence and resilience, grow more happiness and re-kindle their hope in a healthy and balanced future.

As a Leader in Education, you have great responsibility – never more so than now.

Your young people look to you for guidance, and direction. Mindfulness can help you help them. And I can show you how.

I’ve introduced it in Prison and I can help you bring it to your school. There’s no mystery, nothing here you can’t learn to do in order to be the Leader you can be.

If you find something here that speaks to you, I'd love to help.

We can all learn to love ourselves and our lives a little more,  if we take a bit of space to stop and breathe more purposefully.

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"With Geraldine’s expert guidance and skills, we now have a new range of education which is directly impacting people’s life’s in a hugely positive manner. Courses like mindfulness are facilitating learners to cope with their current predicament and gives them strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety. Feedback received is invariably positive and shows that Geraldine’s courses can help everyone, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Thank you, you have made a difference! "

Pete Donovan
Deputy Education Manager, People Plus, HMP Norwich

"We had nothing other than huge praise for you and your workshop at the summer conference. People felt that you were very knowledgeable and that the mindfulness session was the perfect workshop for them, in order to focus on softer skills both for themselves and to pass on to others. The most popular comments were: • Informative & enjoyable • Brilliant • Perfect • Can we do it again? "

Rebecca Marr
Membership and Marketing Manager, The Exams Office

"I wanted to thank you for your workshop at The Exams Office Conference. I thought it was such a valuable session. I downloaded your relaxation audio to check in with myself on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing your years of knowledge and enlightening me."

Heather Thomas
Exams Officer and Data Manager, Waddesdon Church of England School, Aylesbury, Bucks, UK

"2 of our most anxious young people, said they really enjoyed it. In fact one boy told me he had tried it at home that night. Two of the teachers who were at the sessions are now looking at ways of incorporating short sessions at the beginning of the school day for Year 11 students."

Kay Lambie
Exams Officer, Treetops School, Grays, Essex

"I believe that the NAEO is the perfect vehicle to promote mindfulness and well being. We can start with a monthly blog and also look at the summer conference and other areas where we can promote the excellent work which you undertake in this area."

Jugjit Chima
Head of Training, The Exams Office

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