Give your Staff the Edge with Emotional Intelligence Training

“Emotional Intelligence is ‘People Skills’ currency for today’s workplace”

Our current workplace is rebuilding itself after months of turmoil.

We know our staff are struggling with social skills after isolation, and relationships need to be re-formed and strengthened.

Now more than ever,  employees need to see organisations showing support and active involvement in their current and future welfare. People need to see you care.

Mindfulness, with Emotional Intelligence is the way to build strong resilient teams. People who know, like and trust one another work well together.

This is not a time for top down Management. Today’s workforce runs on respect, understanding and collaboration.

The 2 courses below - Communicating with Colleagues and Mindful Meetings, are available complete with downloadable training resources, for your own in-house delivery.


Communication with Colleagues

Want to know how to raise the EQ standards of your workforce and minimise communication fall-out?

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Mindful Meetings

Mindful meetings raise morale, improve collaboration and cut time wasting! Find out how.

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"With Geraldine’s expert guidance and skills, we now have a new range of education which is directly impacting people’s life’s in a hugely positive manner. Courses like mindfulness are facilitating learners to cope with their current predicament and gives them strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety. Feedback received is invariably positive and shows that Geraldine’s courses can help everyone, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Thank you, you have made a difference! "

Pete Donovan
Education Manager, People Plus, HMP Norwich

"[These are] ... professional and clear and would suit class based training perfectly."

Jon Neal
Head of Learning and Development, PeoplePlus

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