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Mindfulness in Prisons

Mindfulness benefits us all. In helps us find a space to breathe a little easier.

It’s needed more than ever as we emerge from the current Covid lockdown.

But Covid has increased lock-up time. And whilst that’s a relief for some, for others, it’s only increased their personal challenges. No matter what their circumstances, it’s certain that Mindfulness plays a big part in managing stress.

It reduces the likelihood of self harm. And it does this by helping prisoners see life in a better perspective.

When life’s more in balance, we’re more likely to seek long–term solutions.

The potential for change is unlimited and exciting.

I’ve worked in Prison Education for many years, first delivering English and Maths Assessments, then as an HMP Exam Officer.

During this process I’ve had 6 Meditation recordings aired on our in-house TV system (WayOutTV) going out to 25,000 prisoners a day, I’ve delivered Mindfulness workshops at conferences (The Exams Office) and co-written our new in-cell pack on Mindfulness.

Outside of Prison, I’ve created courses for schools wanting to introduce Mindfulness, and specialist online courses on managing exam stress, along with CPD workshops and training.

I’ve been a lifelong student of Personal Development having followed the teachings of many notable leaders in this important area (ie Brendon Burchard, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins).

I can make the complex relevant and help people relate to theory.

Mindfulness isn’t complicated – though we often make it so. The key is to bring in some sort of mindful exercise to our everyday life, and to make it relevant.

When something works, we’re more likely to stick with it.

I've seen Mindfulness work. I've put it into action with our prisoners.  And now I’m widening Mindfulness to reach the whole of the prison estate – Officers, Agency Workers, Education Department and Prisoners.

If we share Mindful approaches throughout our prison environments, we’re more likely to build a strong resilient team that manages stress, handles challenge, acts from a place of Grace and speaks from the heart.

It can be done, and change is on the way.

Below you’ll find ways you can bring Mindfulness to your area of specialist work in your Prison.

I’m delighted to be with you, as you support those you work with, and for.

Download the Prison Mindfulness Report

Do you want to bring Mindfulness to your Prison?

See how we've been introducing Mindfulness at HMP Norwich

                   There are 2 ways to bring Mindfulness to your Prison

Mindfulness Listener Training

Listener Training supports prisoners as and when they need it - on the landings and 'out of hours'

Mindfulness Prisoner Education

Estate wide roll out of Mindfulness workbooks via Prison System or Education Department

Mindfulness has come into its time

Mindfulness training will help you handle your daily challenges, and manage the unexpected with grace, compassion and self care.

Offering Mindfulness within the Prison System has the huge potential for positive change amongst the prison population. And it helps staff (uniformed and agency) manage their levels of stress.  This reduces levels of sickness and increases job satisfaction.

Read what others are saying about my course materials.

"[the materials] looked good and very professional. It was easy to use and access each part of the course and know where you were at any stage. Everything was clearly and precisely explained and created a professional, warm, encouraging, fascinating and interesting course "

Alison Gold
Examinations Officer and Data Manager

"With Geraldine’s expert guidance and skills, we now have a new range of education which is directly impacting people’s life’s in a hugely positive manner. Courses like mindfulness are facilitating learners to cope with their current predicament and gives them strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety. Feedback received is invariably positive and shows that Geraldine’s courses can help everyone, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Thank you, you have made a difference! "

Pete Donovan
Education Manager, People Plus, HMP Norwich

"This [Mindfulness Workbook] looks great. Thank you Geraldine. It's very professional looking."

Richard Taylor
I.T and Personal Development Curriculum Lead, People Plus, HMP Norwich

"Learner 1 - I found the Mindful Unwind before bed exercise the most helpful. It helped me clear my head and not think so much negativity about my past. What has been and done is out of my control and all I can do now is work towards changing my future and being a better man. Learner 2 - The breathing exercise helped me wind down, forget my troubles, be in the moment and relax."

Mindfulness Learners
HMP Establishment

How can you help your prisoners and staff towards a more Mindful way of Being?

We've all experienced our own form of 'lockdown' through Covid and now more than ever, we need ways to handle our mental health and our levels of stress. You can bring Mindfulness to your Establishment. There's never been a better time.


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