The earlier in the year you use these techniques, the better prepared you will be for your forthcoming exams

Develop your Students' Exam  Resilience 

One Day Mindfulness-based Workshop for Exam Students and their Teachers to develop practical coping strategies to manage their thinking


Book me to work with your students to Draft their Personal Exam Resilience plan


Your students will come to:

Understand how their thinking triggers their reactions

Choose how best to think in a stressful situation

Know their own minds

During the session your students will 

  • Understand how their fears get triggered
  • Learn Mindful ways to manage their thinking
  • Take part in practical break-out sessions
  • Be proactive in agreeing their future response to stress

Do your students seem ‘stuck’ in a negative spiral of thinking?

Are they?

  • Overwhelmed with panic attacks they can’t get around?
  • Expecting exams to kick off their repeated patterns of behaviour
  • Distressed by their inability to get around the current situation?
  • Stuck in their own thinking, no matter what they do?
  • Unable to show all that they know at exam time?

Everyone deserves to have a good Reaction Plan to Exams that helps them be their best

If you're a Pastoral Lead, Head of Year or Well Being Lead, this is your opportunity to help your students, by sharing Mindfulness based strategies that can help them move from feeling Overwhelmed to being in control of their thinking and their fears

The 4 phases in creating a Personal Exam Reaction Plan

Your students start to see how their previous thinking fanned their fears

They take part in practical, Mindfulness-based exercises, followed by group break-out sessions

They start to draft their own Reaction Plan, adding in  techniques they have found worked for them. 

 You continue to support them as they work on their Reaction Plan after the workshop

My Promise to You

  • I’ll help your students look at their current thinking and start to choose different ways of handling their fears
  • The Mindful exercises will suggest alternative ways to think and respond to stress
  • In the process they’ll see how to take control of their thoughts to calm down their Mind, Body and Spirit

Maybe you’ve tried things before but they haven’t worked. Or The students weren’t ready. Or you feel unsure what to do.

What you do know, is that Subject Skills alone won’t get your anxious students into that Exam Room.

Something has to change before exams come around again. No matter how much they've studied, if their panic kicks in when it counts, it's all been wasted.

And the clock is ticking down.

My Intention is to build your students' exam resilience

so they can walk into the exam room with their fears under control, and perform at their best

I've been using Mindfulness at my HMP Prison for the past 3 years.

My Mindfulness Workbook is available to prisoners as part of our in-cell Education provision and is considered an example of best practice.  This Autumn the workbook is being trialled as part of a new Digital Laptop Initiative for HMP Prisons. My 6 x Meditation recordings are currently available to over 55,000 prisoners in 73 prisons.

For the past few years I've been delivering Presentations at The Exams Office and The National Association of Exam Officers Summer Conferences.  They've all been well received.

Before The Pandemic,  I delivered JCQ training to schools on how to apply exemplary standards of Exam Administration. For the past 7 years I've been a Serving Exam Officer at an HMP Establishment.

"The session was really well paced and just the right length. I enjoyed the doses of humour peppered throughout as well "

Harriet Cooke
Frederick Bremer School, Waltham

"I loved your presentation!!!! It was insightful, humble and practical! And very engaging. Thank you. "

Iris Gunther
The Spires College

What we'll cover

I’ll talk your students through:

  • Recognising when they’re on automatic subconscious thinking
  • To notice the moment they’re in a spiral and to Mind the Gap in how they respond
  • What Mindfulness is – and how to make it part of how they manage their feelings
  • How to Be Present, stop resisting and turn down the noise
  • How to work with your brain to create the right State of Learning 

The countdown has started to Summer Exams 2024

Give your students the time they need to put their Personal Reaction Plan into action. That way, the exercises and techniques THEY choose to use, will help them manage their thinking, stay in control and enable them to walk calmly into the exam room.


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