Support your Students with my 'Discover and Release' Tapping Videos

3 Tapping Videos to guide you through powerful 'discovery and releasing' techniques to share with your students

“Finally! A way for students to uncover their emotional blocks to reach their exam and life potential”

As a concerned and dedicated Education Leader I know you’re seeking ways to help your young people show their best selves during exams. It’s a stressful time, and the whole Exam and Study situation has been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic, adding to the fears and anxiety levels around these important school milestones.

Fortunately, you’re now in a great place to help students to get a new handle on dealing with stress.

Having worked in a UK Category B prison for the past 4 years as an Exam Officer, I’ve come face to face with worry and upset and I know how it can take down even the strongest.

The key lies in learning to think differently from the standard - using Mindful approaches to thinking well in order to perform better.

These past few years, as well as working ‘inside’ I’ve been leading  Exam Standards Training in the UK and I’ve seen how Exam time stresses staff and students alike. There’s pressure to be better and do better and try as they might, some schools find themselves unable to help their students unearth, unblock and release their worries in order to reach their potential.

It’s why I put together ‘Developing the Exam Mindset – using Mindful techniques to handle exam worry’.

Mindfulness works on so many levels to help those hurting from fear, immobile from worry, helpless to move forward and stuck in their own spiral of feelings.

You’ll learn how to think well and how to recognise the moments that might dis-rail you. And once you do, I’ll show you some breathing exercises to calm things down and shake tension away.

Most of us give little attention to how we think.  Our emotions are just “who we are”.  We stuff things down, we hope that one day we’ll wake up to a different, more confident us. And slapping a “positive thinking “ plaster on our problem is next to useless, unless we learn to think well.

So whether you're looking for a Mindful way of tackling your own exam fear, you're a Teacher seeking a way to help your students, or perhaps a parent wanting to offer support to your young person as they head towards a difficult part of the year, then this is for you.

So what's in the course?

There are 2 versions of this course - A Facilitator Course and a Student Course

The Student version covers the same modules listed below but without the Now You worksheets designed for Facilitators and in every section.

Thinking Challenges begins to look at how The Panic Spiral affects our thinking, and derails us.  This section leads into a number of sections on Mindfulness.

You’ll learn how to slow down your breathing and look at what’s happening on the inside by Doing a Check in.  The Mind the Gap technique will show you the importance of Noticing so you can make conscious choices to take back control of your thinking.

The Section on Visualisations has a number of practical techniques covering Mental Rehearsal techniques, imagining scripts and The Exam Room Visualisation exercise.

Affirmations looks at the power of using positive statements to change thinking. It includes a series of Affirmations Cards to print out and detailed handouts to get your new thinking going.

With Letting Go you’ll release thoughts and emotions that are stopping you shine.  Again, scripts and exercises will help you draft your reactions to all the things you cover.

By learning Tapping you’ll work through blocks that keep us stuck and acting in ways that don’t serve us best.  It’s easy to learn and puts you in control.  You’ll discover how to dig out your long held feelings on things and have a new powerful way to release unhelpful thinking.

Meditation is the cornerstone of Mindfulness. By being still in the silence, you’ll be able to manage the noise around you. It’s a practice we can all benefit from.

In working through all these current Mindful exercises you’ll come to understand how your thinking shapes you, and be able to decide how to make it work for you to do well in your exams.

To help you show your best you in your exams, you need to think differently. If you continue to be, do and think the same, you’ll get the same results as you do now. These Mindful thinking skills work. By looking at where certain thoughts have come from, you’ll figure out how to change them, and finally, to let them go.

In addition, by using any combination of the other techniques, you be able to take control of how you see yourself, and your worry. And you’ll have a way of releasing yourself from the patterns that have kept you stuck.

Practice is the answer and it’ll change you, if you let it.

Here's a couple of faqs to help you decide if this course is right for you.

How do we justify the cost?
You must weigh up the cost of not reaching individual potential and the benefits of giving students a choice in how they handle their stress levels. There’s a cost in doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.  If your current approach isn’t working, is it time to look at accepted alternatives?  What will the cost be if students continue to fail their and your expectations? You decide.

What techniques is your course based on?
All the practical exercises are based on respected Mindfulness, Stress Releasing and Letting Go techniques found in many therapies. Tapping and Letting Go is common in PTSD and used for unveiling behaviour patterns that stifle our potential. Breathing, Visualising, Affirmations and Meditation are cornerstones of many disciplines. You can be confident they are widely accepted in many healing communities and you’ll be using current ideas to tackle fear ‘head on’.

How will I share this with the students?
Each Module has clear worksheets to help you lead exercises. You may want to designate teachers to run these sessions in their subject areas. I give you the step by step how to and you’ll then integrate them into your core day. Some exercises may be presented through your Exam Officers or Form Teachers. You can choose how best to help students practice the skills so that they become their ‘go to’ way of dealing with worry.

What’s EFT or Tapping?
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has been around for some years. Tapping on the body’s energy points you, and your students will learn to let go of troubling responses and thinking. It’s all quite safe and gives your young people the freedom to self-administer an on-the spot solution when they need it. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give them.


"This course is amazing from start to finish. All I wanted to do was read and see what was said and then go to the next part to see what was next and learn some more. It kept me interested from the beginning. The content was plentiful without being boring or repetitive I loved the fact that you could press complete, which gives a real sense of satisfaction and that also meant you could come back to the course at any time and know where you were at – very useful. I listened to the mindfulness recordings and watched the videos and felt completely relaxed and excited to listen to more and move on with the course. I have to say this exceeded my expectations and was a professional, warm, encouraging, fascinating and interesting course and I don’t doubt that it will be a huge success "

Alison Gold
Examinations Officer and Data Manager,Brampton College, London

"2 of our most anxious young people, said they really enjoyed it [Meditation]. In fact one boy told me he had tried it at home that night. Two of the teachers who were at the sessions are now looking at ways of incorporating short sessions at the beginning of the school day for Year 11 students"

Kay Lambie
Exams Officer, Treetops School, Grays, Essex

"This looks fabulous – really useful and I think something that Exam Officers could use it to enhance their value to the candidates and centres by leading this. "

Miss Katherine McDiarmid
Examinations Officer & Data Manager

Your purchase covers use in one establishment and is not for use between Academy or Trust organisations.

There are 2 versions available.

The Student course is for individual use. The Facilitator course comes with an additional workbook and Training resources and is for those teachers and school leaders supporting students in school or college.

Developing the Exam Mindset


One payment

Thinking Challenges
Doing a Check in
Mind the Gap
Letting Go
Bringing it all together
mp3 and mp4s and scripts are also included
Additional Facilitator Workbook 
Full and detailed Student Worksheets
   In Every Section to help you lead the exercises
Staff and Student Training including Training Powerpoint
My School Wants Developing the Exam Mindset

Developing the Exam Mindset


One payment

Thinking Challenges
Doing a Check in
Mind the Gap
Letting Go
Bringing it all together
mp3 and mp4s and scripts are also included

Full and detailed section Worksheets
I Want Developing the Exam Mindset

Your Bonus Gifts

Your purchase comes with some bonus gifts:

  • Mindful Five
    Use this to get you on track when things de-rail you. You can do this
  • I Am
    Short and sweet I am … poem to set you up for the day. Let it remind you of how powerful you are
  • Healing mp3
    Take a few minutes to listen to this recording set against some gentle background music
  • Meditation script
    The beautifully laid out Healing Meditation script to read when things get a little overwhelming

Are you ready to give your students the potential to be their best in exams?

Recent events have shaken the confidence of staff, students and parents. By introducing Mindfulness,  you offer your students  a way to manage their thoughts and feelings.

The skills you share with them here can help them move successfully to the next stage of their lives.

And you’ll be able to bring each upcoming year group into your new inspired way of handling exam stress. Imagine how good that will feel – knowing you can finally equip your young people for a calmer, clearer future.

So here’s what to do next.  Click the Facilitator link above to take you to the order page.  Once you enter your payment details you’ll be taken to a Thank You page confirming that your order has been accepted.  Soon after you’ll receive an email with login details to your Course Library on the Kajabi platform. You’ll be able to access all the materials, in your own time, forever.


Our schools need more than standard thinking skills. In teaching and sharing these techniques you’ll set them up to succeed

We’ve all going through a period of great uncertainty which has affected your students’ opportunities to show their full potential. Looking within, stilling the noise, unblocking and releasing fear is a positive move in the right direction. Make the right choice for yourself, your school and your young people. Show them how great they can be.


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Help your students unblock their exam fears and let them go