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I've found the Actress in me, and I can tell a story. The stories I'm telling are based on my experience 'on the Inside'. I've learnt some valuable life lessons on how to push through instead of just getting by.

No one should lead a mediocre life. I believe in individual potential. It's why I work where I do, and do what I do. Students need to know how to think well to choose well. When you think well life is more balanced and stress is more manageable.

I want our youngsters to know how going with the flow can end up.

From workshops on Exam Stress, to Awards Night Presentations, I'll share my take on living a life of purpose.

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"You presented in such an insightful and informative manner, which I noticed, engaged every person in the room. I have never fully considered taking mindfulness so directly into a work space - so it was refreshing to hear that using the techniques which you described within a business framework. I especially liked hearing that people give the way they would like to receive; I am going to use this and power forward. Hopefully The Exams Office will book you again next year. You were my speaker of the day! "

Mrs E Dyson, Attendance and Exam officer
John Ruskin School, London, SE5

"2 of our most anxious young people, said they really enjoyed it. In fact one boy told me he had tried it at home that night. Two of the teachers who were at the sessions are now looking at ways of incorporating short sessions at the beginning of the school day for Year 11 students."

Kay Lambie
Exams Officer, Treetops School, Grays, Essex

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