A Series of 8 x Mindfulness-based Workbooks to use with your Students

Each stand-alone topic supports particular anxieties and offers more mindful and less harmful ways of managing current challenges

Mindfulness in School

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8 TOPIC workbooks to support your work with your students on

  • Mindfulness
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Coping with Change
  • Guilt and Forgiveness
  • Handling Pain
  • Habits
  • Meditation
  • Tapping  

    Each workbook includes a topic introduction and a series of exercises and worksheets to help students try new mindful-focussed strategies and techniques.

"It is so refreshing to find a course which is easy to follow, simple to engage with and complete, and which gives some excellent hints and tips on how relatively small changes can help to develop a much more positive, relaxed and stress-free perspective on an individual's life and approach to everyday activities. The language used is appropriate and easy to understand for students and staff alike, and the content encourages users to not only consider personal circumstances, but also how to develop and improve senses and feelings with simple everyday activities and techniques."

Jugjit Chima
Head of Training, The Exams Office

"This course is amazing from start to finish. All I wanted to do was read and see what was said and then go to the next part to see what was next and learn some more. It kept me interested from the beginning. The content was plentiful without being boring or repetitive. I loved the fact that you could press complete, which gives a real sense of satisfaction and that also meant you could come back to the course at any time and know where you were at – very useful. I listened to the mindfulness recordings and watched the videos and felt completely relaxed and excited to listen to more and move on with the course. I have to say this exceeded my expectations and was a professional, warm, encouraging, fascinating and interesting course and I don’t doubt that it will be a huge success "

Alison Gold
Examinations Officer and Data Manager, Brampton College, London

"The intent of courses developed in this style was to advance a resident’s knowledge through information, practical exercises and questions, using learning and reflection to help the resident plan for making positive changes in their future. They have been approved by our Quality Team and showcased in other establishments due to their excellence. Courses are often requested by Prison Offender Managers in order for a resident to progress on their sentence"

Zenildo Casonecca
Education Manager, People Plus, HMP Etablishment

"With Geraldine’s expert guidance and skills, we now have a new range of education which is directly impacting people’s life’s in a hugely positive manner. Courses like mindfulness are facilitating learners to cope with their current predicament and gives them strategies to help reduce stress and anxiety. Feedback received is invariably positive and shows that Geraldine’s courses can help everyone, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Thank you, you have made a difference! "

Pete Donovan
Deputy Education Manager, People Plus, HMP Norwich

You're already the expert - you know your students

You’re already the expert in knowing your students.

With the Mindfulness in Schools Series, you have prepared exercises to share with your students, ready-to-go. 

It gets you Mindful-Ready to help your young people when they come to you for support. 

Hand them out to those students who need them, or use them as a wider year group based discussion topics to help everyone take control of their thinking. 


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