Developing the Exam Mindset Launches October 16th

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“Finally! A Mindful way for students to uncover their emotional blocks to reach their exam and life potential”


Developing the Exam Mindset, is the Mindful way to help your students manage any exam (and life) anxieties, and open to their higher potential.

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Developing the Exam Mindset

Find out how to help your students with their exam worry this Autumn.

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Mindfulness for Exams

Show me any student who doesn't have anxiety now and then, and any School who doesn't want to help their young people learn coping strategies to handle life's overwhelm.

 Join me and help your students manage their anxieties 

You already know enough to start. There's no need to wait to be an expert. I'll show you what you need to know, and how to share it.


Learn what thinking skills to share with your students to manage their fears


Practice Mindfulness techniques and build your confidence in handling stress and anxiety


Strategies and resources to get your Teachers on board and bring this to your School

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